About us

“Our motto is “ The ART of  heART beat”

Main objectives of the company:

  1. Develop talent
  2. Run arts and culture workshops
  3. Create awareness using theater
  4. Creating platform for artists to showcase their talents.

Mission statement :

Create platform for upcoming artists, empower them with artistic skills,and also use Entertainment as a unifying tool.


To produce world-class performance that will put Artists & Thambe tainment on the map. To also see Artists using Art to unite communities, and use Art for social cohesion. To create jobs and empower Artists.

Main objectives of the company:

  • Develop talents by training Artists
  • Facilitate Arts and Culture workshops
  • Empower local Artists
  • Create employment in the Tourism & Art sector
  • Create a database of all artists,and giving them exposure.
  • To better the livelyhood and create jobs for our Youth through Tourism & Arts

Let US handle your Entertainment*****

The ART of HEART beat…